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When you are having trouble with a drug or alcohol addiction and substance abuse problem, the world can feel as if it is collapsing in on you and that nothing in the world can improve on your situation. However, while it can feel like everything is imploding on you, there is help available to you to get you out from under the pressure of your addiction. Bellingham Addiction Treatment Centers is here to help you with our free advisory and referral services. If you are interested in knowing how we can help you to find the best possible addiction treatment center for you, call us right away at (877) 804-1531.

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What Is Addiction?

An addiction to drugs or alcohol is a disease, which is a concept that many people, even those with addictions to drugs or alcohol, do not understand. This is because of the all-encompassing effect that a drug or alcohol addiction has on a person's life and well-being. There are physical and mental changes that occur when a person develops an addiction and the two types of issues are so intertwined and connected that it can be difficult to separate one from the other.

One of the most telling characteristics of a person with a drug or alcohol addiction is their inability to stop themselves from continuing to abuse drugs or alcohol. That person will be unable to have just a drink or two like the average person without an addiction, for example. Instead, they will have to drink to excess every time they consume alcohol, often drinking to the point of passing or blacking out on a regular basis.

This behavioral pattern of a lack of control when it comes to substance abuse is actually related to the fact that there are physical, chemical changes in the body. When a person develops an addiction to drugs or alcohol, their brain becomes physically dependent on the substance.

The chemical balance that would remain "normal" before the addiction began becomes off-balance because the brain gets used to the drugs or alcohol being in the body. The brain adapts to what it assumes is a new normal which in turn makes it physically dependent on the addictive substance to function. The only way to overcome your dependence on drugs and alcohol is to seek addiction treatment in Bellingham or in the surrounding areas.

After these changes occur, a person's entire personality can change as well. Everything in their life will become about substance abuse and about obtaining more of the substance that they are addicted to. Because of this, they might do things that would normally be completely out of character for them like steal or even resort to prostitution or worse to get the drug that they need in order to function.

Everything about addiction is negative and addiction will keep pulling a person further and further down into a dark abyss. While death is not a pleasant topic to discuss, a person with an addiction is playing a most dangerous game with their lives every time they abuse or use drugs or alcohol. It’s time to seek the help of alcohol and drug rehab in Bellingham or the local area now.

Is Recovery Possible?

With all of the negativity that addiction causes in a person's life, it is not surprising that you might be asking yourself whether a result other than death is possible from a drug or alcohol addiction. The good news is that addiction recovery is possible, with help.

You are not going to be able to break free from your addiction on your own because of the terrible influence that addiction has on the brain and mind. However, if you ask for help, help is available. Bellingham Addiction Treatment Centers can help you find the right addiction treatment center to help you overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol. All you need to do is call us at (877) 804-1531.

How Bellingham Addiction Treatment Centers Can Help

Once you are on the phone with the advisor, they will ask you some basic questions about yourself and your addiction. The answers you give to these questions will allow the advisor to dig through our vast network of drug rehab centers to find one that best matches your needs.

Bellingham Addiction Treatment Centers offers advisory and referral services. But what does that mean? That means that when you call us at (877) 804-1531 you will be immediately connected to an addiction treatment advisor.

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